As of now a lot of people have access to recording studios or the required home recording equipment. This has made an major increase in new independent artist thanks to the digital recording era. But the question that comes for most Artist is; after I have my project done, what do I have to do to sell it successfully? I have created this Blog to discuss some of the Do's and Don'ts. Also how to set goals to get you ready for distribution.

     Your project is finished (Assuming Mastering is DONE) say you have a three to five song sampler demo/promotional. You should before pushing it out of the studio or your secure area, apply for copyrighting, publishing, and licensing agreement rights. There are companies that assist with this such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to name a few. Make sure that your work is protected. Some may use what is referred to as a poor mans copyright. This method is not full proof and only stands if you use registered mail and has a 2 year at the most validation. So this is not full proof.

      Appearance and presentation is important!!! With the easy access to compact disc burning equipment, anyone can burn a CD like that. So ask your self; what separates you from the rest? In the 90's; Sharpe marked CD's would fly, and were cool because the technology was still new. But wake up folks this is 20 years later. Think of the many ways to get your target audience attention by targeting 3 of the five senses ( Touch, Sight, and Sound). Touch; I can wrap my project in notebook paper but I doubt it is going to get the audience into that "I am wanting this" state of mind. Believe it or not I have seen it happen before and thought "What the hell is this?" lucky for them I don't judge by the cover, but it is a marketing factor. Sight; What is going to attract your following (Target Audience) and does it fit the theme of your Demo? If I bling out a country artist with urban wear and put a set of turntables in front of him am I really going to reach the target audience? Think People. Simplicity works in a Demo case scenario. Give them full contact info for you or your manager along with booking info and links on the web that can get them you or your manager. Sound; make sure, And this I cannot stress enough. Make sure that your project is mixed and mastered correctly. If I have to turn the CD to 25 on my dial to hear it or I can not hear you over the music or vice versa; Where do you think the CD is going? It will be hot in the street's, because it is out of my site. So don't set your self up for failure. Once you have done these Three initial Goals; you are almost ready for distribution. Stay tuned. 

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