First and foremost I am like Cracking Up every time I watch this video ! Just based on human body language. I think Mcknight is deadly serious. Adult Mixtape... My Dude; this a comedy mixtape in the works at its best. LMFAO! I think if he does release this it will be a crucial drop in his following. I am a fan of Mcknight; but I also know of a whole church related following that can bare to hear him sing Great Music. Already responses have poured in via YouTube; and that is another reason I see this video release. (((Publicity))) Good or bad; his publicist allowed this to be launched and we know how it works. A new breed of singing sensations are taking up the charts, and it really looks like Mcknight trying to see if he has any of the young followers. Have some faith Brian that your fan base is with your talented vocal range. You could sing a cover album and we will still buy. I hope it is comedy; but it is looking like an act of desperation.


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