My Hometown of Davenport, Iowa has an issue with it's media coverage of News events; I am sure they are not the only ones but this topic is one that I have been really moved to fight among my people for years.
       It is easy for such media streams such as the Quad City Times, KWQC TV 6, WHBF channel 4 of Rock Island, Illinois, and KLJB Fox TV , oh, let's not forget WQAD channel 8 who tried to make a spectacle of me; but seem to have forgotten that they were picking a fight with a producer who has the same capabilities as them, as they lost that battle last year; they are more willing to cover Minorities on any crime basis, than to cover crimes in general... This morning a  young boy lays brutally beaten in a Hospital bed with more than a few prayer from the minority Community in prayers for him, after being assaulted on the west side of Davenport, Iowa. This area is predominately a Caucasoid area and running with white gang members ! Not much if any coverage is in that area of the on goings. but let a black man  say a word of a fight and they are on it to say that these people who do those thing are just the bad issues of  The Quad Cities Area... But  even funnier than that.. Is the people of those areas have settled for that to be true; and say "It ain't my business; it wasn't my family"..... This is when I shout "NIGGA PLEASE!!!" Why? Because you ignorant bastards that often say it ain't my business is the same hypocrites that want to say that's fucked up, from a far; or Say nothing until it effects you! Truth is it effects you now !  You could be on the West-end of Davenport, Iowa and be jumped by Gangs and No one know a damn thing or even try to look in to it for you !  But it does no good ! You Niggas will let it keep on going. You lack the unity of Hearts.  

          First and foremost I am like Cracking Up every time I watch this video ! Just based on human body language. I think Mcknight is deadly serious. Adult Mixtape... My Dude; this a comedy mixtape in the works at its best. LMFAO! I think if he does release this it will be a crucial drop in his following. I am a fan of Mcknight; but I also know of a whole church related following that can bare to hear him sing Great Music. Already responses have poured in via YouTube; and that is another reason I see this video release. (((Publicity))) Good or bad; his publicist allowed this to be launched and we know how it works. A new breed of singing sensations are taking up the charts, and it really looks like Mcknight trying to see if he has any of the young followers. Have some faith Brian that your fan base is with your talented vocal range. You could sing a cover album and we will still buy. I hope it is comedy; but it is looking like an act of desperation.